Best Riverside Restaurant Around the World

The best riverside restaurants in the world aren’t just about fancy cocktails, but also about good food and a great view. Here are some of the best places in town to enjoy them in style.

Top of the Line: Steirereck in Vienna

If you’re after a ritzy rooftop bar and restaurant, look no further than the opulent Steirereck in Vienna. It has a classic and elegant atmosphere, with mirrored walls that disappear into the ground in summertime to create a seamless outdoor dining experience.

One of Bangkok’s most stylish rooftop restaurants is Trader Vic’s at Anantara Hotel in Thonburi. It has a beautiful waterfront setting, with romantic tables and comfy chairs to enjoy the passing barge traffic and the breezes of the Chao Phraya River.

Runner up: Supanniga X Roots

In a city with hundreds of Thai restaurants, this one stands out for its innovative and creative cocktails, along with a surprisingly large menu of spicy, exotic foods. Owner Thanareuk Laoraowirodge pays homage to his late grandmother’s traditional recipes and makes a few modern twists to her favorites, such as a moo chamuang pork curry with garcinia leaves and poo ja, a steamed crab with ground meat, seasoned with sriracha.

Coolest: Muddy Rivers Pool Bar at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort — French Quarter and Riverside

The opulent Muddy Rivers Pool bar at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort — French quarter and Riverside is a must-do for guests from other resorts who are looking to kick back and relax in the refreshing waters of Ol’ Man Island. Located adjacent to the resort’s famous water park, this spot has the hottest cocktails in town, and is a perfect spot for a group of family or friends.